15. V 2008.
– Submission of applications (with papers)
– Submission of abstracts
  20. V 2008.
Receipt of information on acceptance of abstracts
  15. VI 2008.
Submission of complete papers
  30. VI 2008.
Receipt of information on acceptance of papers (as papers or reports)
  01. VIII 2008.
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  01. IX 2008.
Preliminary agenda of SYMORG
  10. - 13. IX 2008.
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September 10-13, 2008, Belgrade, Serbia




Dear Sir/Madame,

On the occasion of the Belgrade University bicentenary celebration and to mark two hundred years of higher education in Serbia, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences organizes the 11th International symosium “SymOrg 2008”, which will traditionally bring together eminent experts, the most important business people and scientists in management and related fields.

In the era of global interrelationships and mutual dependence, when Nature emits clear signs of “exhaustion” by negligent human behavior, it is high time to expand an integral approach to business systems management to include all business stakeholders, all of environment – society. (Gens una sumus.) The Symposium will therefore address topics of a widest social responsibility of management, marked out as a ”team which leads companies” and as a “process of making and implementing decisions on business processes and operations”, and above all as a “science on modeling business systems and on their performance”. Taking all this into consideration, the role of science and education is of prime importance.

The Symposium will take form of plenary sessions, thematic groups and workshops, which will enable discussions on relevant issues and valuable exchange of ideas, by bringing together academics and practitioners from both the country and abroad..

We are pleased to invite you to give your contribution to formal and informal interaction at the Symposium, which will take place in Serbia’s capitol - Belgrade, from 10 to 13 September 2008, and, in a creative and stimulating atmosphere, contribute with your papers and active participation to the development of science and practice in the field of management.

Looking forward to receiving your application, we remain

Yours faithfully,

Prof. Nevenka Žarkić – Joksimović, Ph.D.
Chair of the Program Board

Belgrade, 1 February 2008

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